Kuala Lumpur, 25th of April 2019 – Indonesian cryptocurrency startup, Tokoin, is intensivelymaking preparation for its public sale phase while meticulously planning for its global roadshow. On Thursday (25/4/19) Tokoin joined as part of the Bloconomic Excellence Award 2019 held in Kuala lumpur Malaysia. Through this Keynote event, Tokoin aspires to build a solid community base in Malaysia to solidify its success during its public sale phase.

Through this event, Tokoin had articulate the importance and purpose of this project to blockchain enthusiasts, practitioners, executives and investors alike. Tokoin also aims to build a partnership throughout the global scale to show-and-tell the world about the eagerness of Tokoin to accelerate the MSME in the global scheme. Tokoins participation in this event is also a strategic way to draw attention and spreading the Tokoin word to the public in preparation of its public sale.

Tokoin also convey its true aspiration to assist the MSME accelerating in the emerging market. Addressing the current barrier of economic inclusion, Tokoin allowed the unbanked and unbankable MSME with a technological approach to the solution. Tokoin would like to articulate the project purpose to global audiences from all over the globe, including blockchain enthusiasts, practitioners and executives and also, prospective investors. Moving towards the Public Sale phase, participating in this event is also a strategic way to draw attention and spreading the presence of Tokoin to the public.

Designed to be a blockchain-based platform for Micro, Small & Medium Enterprises (MSME), Tokoin facilitates partner MSME in establishing a credible business identity and excellent business reputation that secures their credibility scoring. With the security, immutability and trusted records in blockchain, MSME will be able to better run KYC and record & store business transactions in a digital ledger creating a valuable business asset.

Eddy Christian Ng, COO of Tokoin has stated that the reason Tokoin favors MSME and emerging countries as the target market is due to the fact that “​MSME is one of the biggest economic driving forces in developing countries. For instance, Indonesian MSME contributes 60.3% of revenues from Gross Domestic Product (GDP) and 97% of the national labour.”

Tokoin realizes that there are many sectors that are concerned with the MSME acceleration. Therefore, Tokoin also committed to create the business ecosystem that allows the prevailing institutions to provide their financial and business services for the MSME, as Tokoin partners. Regarding partnership in Tokoin, Eddy Christian also stated that, “The partners in Tokoin are the institutions, banks, brand companies, product distributors and still opens up for many others, to work with Tokoin as a companion and take a leading role in improving the global financial condition and gaining more trust from the customer base.”

Tokoin will facilitate MSME in establishing a valid business identity and good business reputation based on the credibility scoring. The adoption of blockchain technology will be appropriate as the data processing and distributions. With the security, immutability and trusted record in blockchain, MSME will be able to run the KYC efficiently and Tokoin will compile the KYC data permanently as the ​Digital Business Identity​. Moreover, to advance the Digital Business ID, Tokoin will also provide the service for the MSME to record and store their business transaction in the blockchain network, as ​Digital Ledger which contain their data information as a valuable asset.

Those are the two main services from Tokoin, the ​Digital Business Identity and Digital Ledger ​that create the credibility scoring for the MSME. Thus in the aftermath, MSME with goodcredibility scoring are competent to comply with the requirements of loan credit, property credit, and other business services that are suitable for their business operation.

By taking this important role, Tokoin believes that the MSME will have more access to a richer and more prosperous economic opportunity. The business of MSME will increase, creating more job opportunities and narrowing the financial gap. Subsequently, the people’s quality of life will improve simultaneously.


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Position: Project Manager

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Bloconomic 2019 is expected to shake Malaysia Blockchain industry with the interconnected event  that happen twice this year to disrupt the ‘winter market’ also to appreciate the effort of blockchain organizations with the very first blockchain award in Malaysia. In continuous effort in bringing together global thought leaders to Malaysia, Bloconomic is expected to gather 3000 audience in Bloconomic Expo on August 15th – 16th 2019. The launching took place recently on 25th April 2019 in the Le Meridien, Putrajaya with the successful turnout to a one-day event, Bloconomic Excellence Award.

In empowering the next generation of technology, Bloconomic brought 30 influential speakers from different region came together to discuss about issues surrounding blockchain such as ICO, STO, IR4.0, regulations, Malaysia’s government insight and so on. Gathered there were individuals and ecosystem communities like investors, venture capitalist, start-up and media company from Malaysia and around the world. Bloconomic Expo in August will bring more than 70 speakers for an insightful discussion as it is much bigger event that will be held in Malaysia soon.

The event is packed with fruitful insightful discussions, presentations from great leaders and award launching & nomination which eventually be presented in August 15th-16th 2019. Bloconomic also brought academias in government universities and academies that is passionate to network with the expert from different blockchain fields like AI, cryptocurrency and security system in order to bring it to universities for research purpose. The universities that present were IIUM, MSU, UITM, CITY University, UniKL and MMU. Since the award launching has hype up government organizations and universities, they are expecting more turnout on the upcoming expo.

On the opening ceremony, president of Malaysia Blockchain Association (MBA) Dato’ Rayson Wong welcomed the audience with his great speech on “Traditional business has transform using blockchain technology”. He emphasized on how vital the blockchain is towards technology innovation and connecting business these days.

The event went on with panel discussion and business presentation from JioJioMe, Awepay, GoldFinX, TienChat, Tokoin, Big Reward, Trivechain and Montserrat. It was a great presentation by the leader of the companies. On late evening, Bloconomic ended the event with fun cocktail party and award nomination mainly to present certificates to the nominated companies. Congratulations on being nominated in Bloconomic Excellence Award!

Expect Bloconomic 2019 to be different than last year because Bloconomic is the first to organized a blockchain award in Malaysia. Bloconomic has received an overwhelmed response on  participation of the award. Launching took place on 25th April 2019 and the voting will continue till 15th July 2019 before the application is closed. Award ceremony will happen in Bloconomic Expo on 15th-16th August 2019. People are excited for Bloconomic Expo since it is expected 3000 turnout as 2018 where it will have conference, exhibition, discussion, networking, business pitch and most anticipated Excellence Award ceremony.

For submission on the award and more info about Bloconomic Expo 2019, visit https://bloconomic.com/

Partnership and inquiry please email to expo@bloconomic.com

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Telegram: https://t.me/Bloconomic

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